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Alabama Real Estate Sales Pre-license COURSES

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Media Type: Mixed Exam Required: YES Hours: 60.0

This package contains the 60-hour sales prelicense course PLUS our National Real Estate Exam Prep comprised of the major testing formats found in real estate state exam testing and including the ten crucial topics found on all testing service exams as well as the majority of state exams.

Alabama Package includes:

  • Alabama 60 Hour Sales Prelicense Course
  • National Real Estate Exam Prep
  • Mathmaster - (clear and concise review of real estate math)

Media Type: Mixed Exam Required: YES Hours: 60.0

This is the 60 hour real estate prelicense course for Alabama.

Media Type: Mixed Exam Required: NO Hours: 6.0
If you are currently licensed as a salesperson in a state other than Alabama, take this mandatory 6 hour course along with the state portion of the Alabama salesperson licensing exam to receive an Alabama Salesperson's license.

This course includes instruction on Alabama License Law and Regulations with emphasis on RECAD. Successful completion of this course is required prior to taking the state portion of the license examination for real estate salespersons.

Media Type: Online Exam Required: NO Hours: 0.0

This exam preparation program was prepared after a careful analysis of all of the testing formats that a real estate applicant may encounter. The program is composed of the ten topics found on all of the testing service exams and many state exams. The program also includes two 100-question practice exams: one salesperson practice exam and one broker practice exam. There are a total of 1,000 questions in this exam prep program.

Media Type: Book Exam Required: NO Hours: 0.0

Please note that our courses are designed to comply with the state requirements without the use of a textbook. This book is added value to any real estate professional as an additional resource and is NOT required to take the online pre-license course.

This popular real estate textbook by author Charles Jacobus introduces core industry concepts in a clear, organized presentation. A vibrant two-color design and real-world examples keep users engaged. Students will gain the solid foundation they need to succeed in modern real estate. The book includes simple contracts and policies, math review, real-world scenarios, and expanded coverage of the mortgage industry. The book's self-paced study guide includes exam-style questions.

Media Type: Online Exam Required: NO Hours: 0.0

Your key to acing the math portion of the real estate exam. Conquer that fear you have always had of real estate math. Math Master offers real estate math problems often found on your exam and provides you with clear and concise explanations. These math tips will also be helpful in your career in real estate. Master real estate mathematics with ease!