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Georgia Real Estate Sales Pre-license COURSES

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Media Type: Mixed Exam Required: YES Hours: 75.0

The Georgia "The Works Deluxe" Package has everything you need to prepare for the Georgia Salesperson State Exam.

The book serves as an excellent quick and reliable reference throughout a real estate career--especially at the beginning!

Included in "The Works Deluxe" Package:

  1. Georgia 75-Hour Sales Prelicense Course.
  2. National Real Estate Exam Prep: This is comprised of the major testing formats found in real estate state exam testing and includes the ten crucial topics found on all testing service exams as well as the majority of state exams. Additional highlights include two 100 question practice exams (one for salesperson and one for broker). All in all, our exam prep covers 1,000 questions on real estate content.
  3. MathMaster: There's no need to be afraid of tackling math problems. The purpose of this is to give you the tools and expertise to "master" real estate math. Students will love the hands-on practice problems and detailed, clear descriptions of the purpose, use, and formulas.
  4. Georgia Real Estate: An Introduction to the Profession (Book): Please note that our courses are designed to comply with the state requirements without the need of a textbook. This book is added value to the package and an additional resource.
Media Type: Online Exam Required: YES Hours: 75.0
Covers the basics of ownership, transfer and use of property, real estate law, mortgage fraud, finance, contracts and other required topics. Qualifies passing students to take the Georgia licensing exam. Includes built-in reviews.
Media Type: Book Exam Required: NO Hours: 0.0
Georgia Real Estate: An Introduction to the Profession is not only the premier textbook for those wishing to enter the real estate profession; it is also a thorough reference all Georgia real estate professionals should own. Thomas E. Gillett and Charles J. Jacobus cover the basic requirements necessary to obtain a real estate license in Georgia and detail each step in a real estate transaction. The authors' ability to take complex topics and bring them to life in a practical, useful, and relevant way is unsurpassed!
Media Type: Online Exam Required: NO Hours: 0.0
Your key to acing the math portion of the real estate exam. Conquer that fear you have always had of real estate math. Math Master offers real estate math problems often found on your exam and provides you with clear and concise explanations. These math tips will also be helpful in your career in real estate. Master real estate mathematics with ease!
Media Type: Online Exam Required: NO Hours: 0.0
This exam preparation program was prepared after a careful analysis of all of the testing formats that a real estate applicant may encounter. The program is composed of the ten topics found on all of the testing service exams and many state exams. The program also includes two 100-question practice exams: one salesperson practice exam and one broker practice exam. There are a total of 1,000 questions in this exam prep program.