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Georgia Real Estate Continuing Education COURSES

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Media Type: Online Exam Required: NO Hours: 3.0

Mandatory for all Georgia real estate agents and brokers as of July 1, 2016, this 3-hour course is Georgia-specific and breaks down rules, regulations and laws regarding the practice of real estate into simple, easy-to-understand content helping students to better understand and stay within the boundaries of the Georgia state laws.

Topics included are:

  1. The effects on license status by a licensee of prohibited conduct
  2. Transfer of a license from one firm to another
  3. Requirements concerning trust or escrow accounts
  4. Unfair trade practices
  5. Brokerage relationships
  6. Management responsibilities of real estate firms
  7. Requirements for advertising
  8. Handling real estate transactions
  9. Licensees acting as principals
Media Type: Online Exam Required: NO Hours: 3.0
This course provides an overview of real estate financing, and describes the different types of loans and loan programs as well as lending sources. Students will learn how to calculate debt ratios and use loan factors to complete mathematical calculations related to mortgage loans. Students will also estimate closing costs for different types of loans. The instruction is followed with a scenario for which the student will do the prequalifying computations and complete a loan comparison worksheet for the buyers in the scenario.